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A Secret

08.06. bis 16.06.2019

Brody Albert, Erik Benjamins, Siri Kaur, Elizabeth Huey,

Brian Robertson, Sarah Ann Weber

Künstler*innen der River Gallery, Los Angeles



Eröffnung / opening:   Freitag / Friday, 07.06.2019   um 19 Uhr / 7 pm



© Siri Kaur



River's primary agenda is to function as a progressive platform to promote contemporary art and artists. River operates on a non-traditional, carefully-constructed platform for local and international artists. Its primary shape is a physical gallery with artist-specific programming. River produces solo shows to streamline the artist-gallery working dynamic. This model creates a much-needed space for mentorship in a transparent, honest, and familial incubator-style environment for the artists in the program. The gallery champions artists who exude positive values personally and professionally. As an alternative space, River contributes to the current arts dialogue in Los Angeles as it rapidly evolves. The platform will also support art and culture via alternative, non-commercial programming. Inspired by nature, River will carve out its own path.



River Gallery

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