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© Carlos Silva



We are delighted to invite you to the 6th edition of Focus on Abstraction. The programme this year concentrates on a non-figurative abstract work and consists of three unique exhibitions spread across the 6 weeks, all of which take place at the Pavillon am Milchhof:


09 June – 21 June 2023
Opening Friday 9th from 6pm
Malene Landgreen, Karina Peisajovich, Carlos Silva

Showcases recent works on paper of the featured artists.

24 June – 9 July 2023
Opening Thursday 23th from 6pm
Richard Green

A visual investigation into the Wünsdorf-Waldstadt area – where military bunkers still lie hidden in the forest.

14 July – 23 July 2023
Opening Thursday 13th from 6pm
Zora Kreuzer, Berta Fischer, Thomas Grandi, Desmond Brett, Tina Habr, Leonardo Bravo, 

George Barber, Melanie Dorfer, Barbara Höller, Gabi Mitterer, Tatiana Echeverri, Matti Isan Blind

Exploring the broad spectrum of abstract art.


All exhibitions can be seen any time of the day and night.
We hope to see you there!


Carlos Silva
Founder and Curator