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Heute 58 / Gestern 70 / Woche 337 / Monat 1372 / : 140176

smile // 09.10. - 19.10.2010

© Olaf Brzeski

Olaf Brzeski, Skulpturen,
kuratiert von Wojtek Hoeft

"As a toddler I was always intrigued by museums interiors, all courage and energy for mischief was, every time stifled by this institutions sacrosanct air and its solid emanation - the silently ever-present guardian - ladies on simple chairs, one in every room. Now is my chance to do mischief in my own museum" - says Olaf Brzeski.

And mischief he does, indeed; his museum is peopled with monsters, hunters-turned-game, demonic guerilla fighters with atom bomb mushrooms and the like objects in the background. It adds up to form a fantastic bestiary composed of cast iron and porcelain objects, but also in films and installations. Brzeski may be called a visionary who finds his inspiration in the subconscious, in the immanent cruelty of some fairy tales, in the shadows on the borderline between humanity and bestiality, in F/X magic, in unlimited possibilities of mutation and in a very true statement that monstrosity has a giant future ahead of it.
Stach Szablowski.

© Filippo Tritto & Doris Knöfel


© Filippo Tritto