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Heute 25 / Gestern 45 / Woche 25 / Monat 1056 / : 141766

09.10. bis 24.10.2021
Richard Green



Eröffnung: Freitag, 08.10.2021 um 18 Uhr



© Richard Green



The attempt to control nature by means of technical constructions and springloaded supports. The absurd failure of function, leads to an interplay of power relations: do technological solutions to ecological crises offer the hoped-for protection or do their creation only create new problems with which humanity will be confronted?


On an altar made of polystyrene, a Bronze Cactus loop appears both as a monument to a nature worthy of worship and as an offered sacrifice to a world that pretends to be able to create nature artificially. The materials that are made for eternity in both positive and negative terms, coupled with endless form, results in a symbol for the ambivalences between demarcation and dependence on nature.


The loss of control that results from the aim to control. Without human intervention, the natural world thrives and in the end always regains the upper hand.