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Heute 25 / Gestern 45 / Woche 25 / Monat 1056 / : 141766



03.06. bis 14.06.2017
George Barber



Vernissage:    Freitag, 02.06.2017 um 18 Uhr



© George Barber                                                                                          Obstacle 3, 2017, Acryl auf Holz



George Barber will end 'Focus on Abstraction' with his exhibition titled 'Obstacle'. He will be presenting a sculpture only show for the first time.


The work encompasses a varied and playful use of and combination of forms and materials in predominantly loud, flat, graphic colours. The sculptural work is a natural progression to his painting which often breaks out of the mold of the classic canvas or paper formats into painted cut out shapes. He plays with ideas of mechanical processes and sequences, with often humorous references to the graphic and physical urban environment.

An obstacle is something which is in your way and requires a certain amount of attention to negotiate. Calling something an obstacle has negative connotations, but the stopping and questioning process is also something healthy and important.