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Heute 57 / Gestern 68 / Woche 266 / Monat 1301 / : 140105



Zyjê/ Alive // 29.04. bis 27.05.2012
Rauminstalation von Gosia Golinska




© Gosia Golinska 

"Zyjê/Alive" it is a project dedicated to people, and at the same time a reason to contemplate the variables in their lives. It also is a reason to ask questions about needs - like the need to experience art, and an opportunity to reflect on the boundaries of art. By utilising used fabrics, shawls, jumpers, gowns, skirts, nightgowns, trousers I would like to built space objects and installations.



The arrangement is to be prepared especially for the space of the pavilion, being deve­loped and changed during the time of the exhibition. The installation will be created of clo­thes and fabrics which in the preparation process are going to gain new forms of tangles, swirls, knots, braids, as well as new function – an artistic statement. While choosing and selecting pieces of clothing, which arrive to Poland from all over the Europe, from Germany I often admire the craftsmanship: hand woven and hand coloured silks, respectable and prudently used garments. I ponder over the inevitability of change and over the everyday ef­fort of keeping up with fashions, styles, lives that pass by. Once more I take a piece of clo­thing or fabric and change its function, find its essence. In regular use clothes cover a person, build a shelter and at the same time clearly define him or her. In my actions, tangled and combined according to a complicated logarithm, clothes create rich in colours, extra-temporal installations. /Gosia Goliñska/

(...)"One´s garbage is someone else´s treasure" says the old proverb and unwanted clo­thes, unused suits, faded blouses smelling of old perfume are that treasure for Goliñska. Once precious, favourite, perhaps used only for special events, today ripped, out of fashion, missing round or bony shapes of past owners that used to fill them, with no chance of at­tending a ball. An absence of a person inside "uninhabited" clothes is very clear, noticable, it is emptiness itself. If there is a notion of homelessness, what word can describe this state of a piece of clothing being abandoned by a body, the owner less garment evicted from its life into a black plastic bag, into a dark corner in a yard or an overflowing shelf in a second-hand shop? Pieces of dresses or shawls with DNA inscriptions of somebody's pre­sence, carrying a memory of someone's story, belonging to some person's past, maybe even to another epoch, now can be nothing more than a costume, historic specimen. Sud­denly, under the influence of imagination sensitive to their beauty and the touch of tender hands, they are transformed from their own quietly rustling deaths to amazingly colourful flo­wers, objects of desire. Resurrected in a different form into a new existence. /dr. hab. Anna Królikiewicz. ASP Gdañsk/


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